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Embrace Your Love of Dance!

Our Classes:

Busy Bodies 

Busy Bodies1.jpg

I’m so excited to announce that we’re offering brand new dance programs here at Inspiration Dance Studio!!




Dancely is our brand new program dedicated to our favorite little ones, aged 3-6 years old, to get them moving, shaking, and most importantly, having fun!


But Dancely is not just any preschool program.


Dancely features:


Original Music That Little Ones Love!

From the award winning songwriters at Disney, Netflix and Marvel -- Powerhouses among preschoolers in their own right! 


We've included songs for all styles that kids love dancing to and parents love listening to. And every few months, we’ll introduce even MORE new original music.


Our extensive list of classes includes many types of dance and a variety of skill levels, so rest assured there’s an option that’s perfect for you. We’re constantly updating our offerings, so check back often to make sure you don’t miss out on a new dance opportunity.

Confidance & Ballet be Fit

We also have new programs for children 7-10 as well as adults called Confidance and Ballet be Fit respectively.

Confidance encourages school age children between 7-10 to build their confidence through music and movement.  It is an introduction to dance where they can meet new friends and try new moves and have some fun in an inclusive environment!

Ballet be Fit is an adult ballet inspired fitness class - no previous ballet training is required. Ballet be Fit offers fun but effective ballet workouts for women of all ages and abilities.  Our classes provide agility and stability by strengthening your midsection. You will also increase your flexibility, and your power of concentration will be enhanced.

Ballet fitness works wonders for both young and old, and your body and health will benefit immensely!

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